RSD- when evil in my life started

RSD, when that evil arrived to my life I thought life was over. Everything started about 10 years ago with just slipping on ice and twisting my knee. No fall or something like that. That was the beginning of the journey of numerous exams, surgeries, PT sessions, injections, painmeds and lots of trouble. Nothing but trouble (maybe that why some fellow kneegeeks call me Trouble). After about 3 years and meeting different kind of docs and in and out on hospitals, I was really drugged down at this point, I was sent to a painmanagement team in the biggest city in my country. After some days of interviews, different testings and twisting around my leg I was diagnosed with RSD. I didn't get the diagnos where I was there. Back in hometown and the Ortho unit, where I almost lived, my OS came to my room a November afternoon a Thursday and gave me the bad news. The news for me was bad, because they had tried so many things already and there was nothing really left. I just asked him to leave my room. I stayed there for another week. The staff was really nice, they did anything and everything for me. I was just empty. How on earth can my OS, that should be my hero and get me better, come and tell me that I will have to live with my severe pain and there's nothing he or anyone can do at this point. Was like digging my own grave. From this day and forward my life would never be the same again. More to come...... .

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