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After 1 month with epidural and then back on painmeds that didn't do anything more then making me high I was set to go to the other hospital for to get my Spinal morphine pump inserted. Hell was that I needed to shower twice without my Immobilizier. They had to be 3 persons to help me shower to get me somewhat comfortable. I got injections before and after the showers. I don't think I ever have cried and lost my breathe so many times like I did now. An ambulance came and picked me up early. 2 nice young guys making me laugh when the bumps in the road made me cry. So when I came there, got me hokked up on IV and meds made head spin. Washed my back and numbed the area with numerous injections. After starting to get the catheter in I get awful pain and spasms down left leg and also after a while right. They have to put my under with IV meds. Next time I wake up I have a ew doc sitting behind me doing something. He is neurosurgeon and something has gone wrong. Get back to sleep shortly and next time there is 2 neurosurgeons. They tell me that something went wrong and now I have a catheterpiece cut off floating around in my spine. Pain is evil in back and down in left leg. They have to take me for emergency x-rays. A anasthesia is coming with to get me painmeds in IV..I get new almost every 20 minutes or less. Just numb pain briefly and then pain is up again. After x-rays they take me up to Neuro IVA. Now I am very worried and scared. They hook me up on a lot of stuff to keep control of me. The docs is back. They want to do some special x-rays and get me in there ASAP. I am so out from all meds so what is happening is happening. The x-rays I don't remember maybe that was Mri or something else, they can't find anything. Pain is still there and I experience some loss of sense too. So they will do spine surgery on me...where is my pump..they should help me get less I am in more. What is going on ??.....

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