My spine surgery...and the time after..

So here I were ready to go to emergency spine surgery as soon as there was a OR time free. Time went on and after 24 hours I was getting wheeled up to OR. Outside they discovered that they had forget my allergy against latex and had to put out new instruments. So I had to wait outside OR 45 minutes. Meanwhile a cute nurse had me write down a cucumber recipe to keep me occupied.

With all meds in my body that took time... .

Woke up after and was feeling really sick. No catheterpiece found and lots of pain in back and down in legs. After 4 days at Neuro IVA was sent back to my home hospital. I couldn't do anything at all by myself and had so much pain that they had to help me change way of laying in bed every 5 minutes 24/7 though I was on lots of meds.

After 2 weeks I started to loose sense more and more in my right leg and was sent back to Neuro unit for special x-rays. Was a tough time. Couldn't sit up, couldn't do anything. And my RSD leg was getting worse. So they had to get me on real morphine with injections.

Was diagnosed with having a spinal damage. A lot was complicated in the whole process and a lot I will never remember. But this is short why I got down in wheelchair 100%. After supposed to be in with epidural for one week I totally ended up in hospital for 4 months. During this time I was home one night and one afternoon.

More to come about my life after this......


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