Knees of the days

                            Genuine Offer - Sale or Swap for similar UK english model, but anything considered....
 (pref new and in working condition, and if possible extreme/elite classification with low milage and if possible of the same length,but have wedges if not. approx 96cm ish   slightly larger and longer models could be considered if young enough and have trimming abilities)

                                                                 £swap or £tenbob ONO

1 36yr old left leg - MALE ... Muscular,Toned, Slim kind of attractive with large swelling above left knee and numerous scar's.. 
Olive to lite tan colour, approx over 2 mil+  miles travelled and over 200000 jumps performed.
Fitted with euro left foot size 11.5 uk, Clean but slightly sweaty during sports, but has durable bio covering, with real hair and nails.
Recently serviced at quality workshop, by an excellent  4****physician... Good to Fair overall condition. day 5 afta surgery
patella tendon reshaping and chondraplasty of the plicia, fatty pad removed... All tears and fissure's repaired, some resurfacing
Little pain, controllable with meds, occasionally stiff on a morning. Likes Long walks and hot baths, needs regular exercise and tlc.
Suitable for darker skin as happy to paint before dispatch, Excellent mole pattern effect, includes viens and a few scabbed incisions...
 likes animals and footballs, and has numerous years of support experience, documentation and videos can be supplied on request...
 suitable for riding bmx** and snowboarding**, can supply braces and support shell's if needed, performed previously to very high standard.
**pls note further pt required and seek med advice before under taking any sporting activity, esp abv mentioned.
HAND WASH ONLY 40' MAX***..... NO DRY CLEANING, and NO MACHINE WASH or DRY.. TANS easily, has good colour potential
***comes with free moisture cream, plain and cocoa butter to be applied after washing and lite towelling down.
NOT SUITABLE FOR COMBAT or climbing, and to be fair hates washing up and ironing.. But good arse kicker. Can dance old skool rave/techno
 But otherwise excellent all'rounder should have another 20yrs use at low level impact work, ansa's to the name of ARRRRgggggghhhhh
Can gift wrap and export to most major countries........ 


Right Foot and Ankle Free to Good Home size 11.'ish, - 
Not for use, only for decoration, prefably a fire side location or close place as likes to keep warm.
** comes with range of attractive socks and sports shoes.  Opposite number to above, has same accum but to be fair in poor condition thus unsuitable for sale..  Has scarring on top and bottom where previously nailed to a cross, long story.... no...... no its not jesus's..
( and they aint no 3 wise men in the story, but there was a donkey...., oh yes there was a donkey)
                       i know its xmas but come on, free to good home....., can you imagine how much i could get on ebay for the lords hoof'...

Merry Xmas 

Though you all Kneeded a bit of a larf..... so i thought id pull ma own leg off and sell it..

Seriously good luck all and keep putting your best foot forward, heres to a pain free recovery and short return to sports... i can dream cant i.


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