Need Flexion ? Get ERMI !

What A Great Machine !

I think the ERMI flexionator is the greatest thing since sliced bread.  If you need help with post op flexion, then this machine can help you. It sure helped me. After undergoing several knee surgeries for scar tissue,chondroplasties,patella baja and fat pad removal, I had to have a total knee replacement. Total knee replacements require daily work on flexion and extension. I was introduced to the ERMI flexionator during rehab. I started going to physical therapy 5 days after surgery. I did rehab 3 hrs /day for 2 weeks. During that time, I used the flexionator for 10 min, each day. PT told me I needed to make 120 degrees flexion by the end of that 2 week period, so I could go back to my hometown. At first I didn't like the flexionator. Working on flexion can be very painful with total knees. I soon discovered that I had a love/hate relationship with the flexionator, It then progressed to actually looking forward to using it. I found by using the flexionator, I was the one in control of how much flexion I wanted to put my knee through. I didn't need the Physical Therapist pushing  flexion on my leg.  At the end of my 2 weeks, I met the goal of 120 degrees flexion. Thanks to  hard work using the flexionator. The flexionator allows the operator to increase  the  amount of flexion in large or small increments. The seating position is comfortable and the adjustable foot pad  allows easy ankle flexion.  It is simple to operate . Adjust to right or left leg and sit down. Place your foot on the adjustable footpad. Switch the toggle switch to  activate the hydrolics to increase flexion. Start pulling the handle towards you until desired amount of flexion, hold 5 min, then release the toggle switch. The flexionator will slowly descend for leg extension and recovery period. Then repeat. I found by working the flexionator 4 times/day for 15 min , I was able to keep ahead of the constant post-op stiffness of total knee replacement surgery. When I arrived back to my hometown, I used the flexionator only during my rehab appointments, twice a week. In between rehab appointments , I was becoming very stiff  and losing flexion. Everyday was like starting from square one on flexion. I asked my OS and Physical therapist about getting the flexionator for home use.

I used the ERMI flexionator 4 times day for 5 weeks. I hated to part with it when my rental period was over. I truly feel by using the flexionator on a daily basis, it helped improve my flexion quickly . Two weeks after daily use, I had obtained 130 degrees of flexion and could max out the flexionator. I think using the ERMI flexionator for post op rehab from a total knee replacement, scar tissue removal or any other surgery ,where flexion gains can be a problem, can be very beneficial to the rehab process and provides a way to obtain consistant flexion through the day, on a daily basis.

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