Lodging in Cincinnati

Finding lodging for out-of-town surgery can be very stressful. The amount of time you will be staying, expense, convenience, location and safe environment are all factors. We've stayed at a variety of hotels on our many trips to Cincinnati. With Dr Noyes office now located about 20 mins drive north of downtown Cincinnati, in the town of Montgomery, we prefer to stay near his office. Staying near the hospital for surgery is very inconvenient because your time there is very limited and all your rehab will be done at the office. We usually stay in the town next to Montgomery,called Blue Ash. This is about a 10 min drive to his office. The hotel chains we've used are, The Residence Inn, Courtyard Suites by Marriot and Doubletree Suites. We prefer a hotel with kitchen type facilities. This is also better for those accompaning you, who might be in the caregiver role. Another place we have stayed is the Great Wolf Lodge. This is a very nice hotel/resort located about 15 min, North, up the interstate highway , from the doctor's office. It has an indoor water park complex. We took our kids there for appoinments I had during Presidents Day holiday and Spring Break. They enjoyed it immensely. Also during summertime appointments , the kids go to King's Island Amusement Park. The Great Wolf Lodge is a pricey hotel, so we don't do this very often. It was great during the Winter months.

One of the best options I hit upon was using corporate executive housing. I found a website called www.vesta1.com that does short term , fully furnished apartment rentals in Cincinnati. It is a great way to go for surgery and long stays for rehab afterwards. I rented a roomy, 2 BD,2 bath, washer /dryer in apartment, first floor, in a gated community apartment, for $ 79.00/night. I was going to be in Cinci for 3 weeks. I had to apply 1 months rent , but that was still cheaper than a hotel. Sometimes the apartments are available for shorter stays, but you will be charged the Ohio State hotel tax/per night on top of the rental rate. For rentals less than one month, you won't know the availability til about 2 weeks before arrival, so book a hotel stay just in case and then cancel if the apartment becomes available.

One thing to note, If you choose to fly in, the Cincinnati airport is actually located across the Ohio River in Kentucky. It is about a 30-40 min drive to his office in Montgomery, depending on traffic. If you are just flying in for a consult and flying back out or just staying overnight, you can book a hotel near the airport. I would not recommend staying in that area for any long term stays. It is very difficult to get thru traffic , esp rush hour, across the Ohio River bridge for every rehab appointment. When there is rain or snow conditions, you do not want to be going back and forth over the bridge !! Cincinnati traffic is poor in bad weather !! If you fly into Dayton and drive down , it is about a 30 min drive to Cinci. Flying into Columbus it is about a 1 1/2 hr drive down to Cinci. Flying into Louiville Ky is about an 1 1/2 hr drive north to Cinci.

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