OMG the pain the pain

Today is a bad day for me.  Everyday is bad but today is horrible.  I have such bad pain, and I cant find anything at all to make it any better.  My lortab is not touching it, ice not touching it elevation, not touching it and staying off of it not touching it. As if the pain isnt bad enough, I changed clothes and notice the swelling was awful too, its usually swollen but it is really swollen, the ice and elevation isnt helping.  What the heck???? I have to go to work tonight (Im a nurse at a facility for the mentally ill, and it can get shall we say interesting).  I really cant stay out due to the fact that I need the money ( who doesnt).  And I am trying to save days for when I have the surgery. This blog is great I love the fact that I can vent.

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