OC allograft or bicompartmental PKR

Man, I am so tired of this knee pain.  I mean it is freaking severe, I take loratab 7.5 q 6 hours and it doesnt seem to help that much ofcorse Ive been on it for about a year, maybe Im getting tolerant to it. Sometimes I have to take 2 at a time I know Im not suppose to but the pain is bad I mean bad.  My new OS ( i was referred to Baptist Hospital) has looked at my MRIs and has examined me and she says I need OC allograft, she said my defect is too large for autograft, and ACI is not an option due to the fact that my defect is grade 4 and there is a fracture in the bone.  She did say however that I have OA of the patellofemoral region, so she wants to show one of her partners who does joint replacements my MRIs and xrays. SHe said there may be a possibility that a bicompartmental knee replacement would fix both problems.  I have been doing research alot of research on both and I just dont know.  Replacement seems so finite, not to mention Ive heard horror stories of the thing coming loose. Well the OS is suppose to call me Monday with the verdict.  I have already emailed her nurse to tell her that I think I want to go with the allograft.  So until next time.

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