Time for Reflection

   I sit here early in the am and wonder why life seems to push boundaries that one may not have. Life to me is my knee, sad but true. It's been almost a year since falling on my knee, and it's still not fixed. I know a year is nothing compared to many people who suffer from knee ailments of one type or the other. But to me, a year is way too long. As we grow older, a year taken away is a year lost.

   My first surgery was a PKR, and the OS promised me that I would have a better quality of life, yet that surgery failed. I went in for a revision 2 months later and that surgery failed in 5 days. I decided to change doctors and had a TKR on the 22nd of Oct. So far, this third surgery has been pretty lousy. My new OS failed to tell me that he didn't manage pain. I was able to get into a pain management doctor 2 weeks after surgery and was able to finally have some relief. My extention is sitting at 0 but my flexation is dropping. It has gone from 75-80 back down to 67. I am now looking at getting a MUA to get the flexation I need.

    We are only human, and our parts do wear out. Like all of you, I have too much to do and having these surgeries have taken so much away from me and my family. I'm raising a 13 year old grandson and it's not fair on him for me not to be able to do for him like I promised when he was laid in my arms as a baby. This child is my sunshine and roses and I will do everything in my power to keep him safe and secure, but having a gimp knee makes it difficult.

   Time seems to be my enemy right now, but I will not let it beat me. I will stay positive, and push myself harder than ever before. I have things to do and places to see and a gimp knee has no place in my plans. My fight has just begun, but I will be the victor.

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