HARDWARE REMOVAL Type V Tibial Plateau fracture bicondylar w cadaver

I had a fracture as described above Sep 2009 and have just had my 9 screws and large plate removed July 29 2010.  I had pressure and uncomfortableness on a continual basis, except when laying down.  As a past triathlete and active sports player the injury changed my lifestyle and the hardware especially.. It has been a week now since the operation -removal of hardware and i already feel a release of that continual pressure and plain unnaturalness.  I referred to this website several times and have never posted but felt the need to post this to advise other injured individuals that hardware removal may very well HELP tremendously.  I hope to run and feel more natural as my days progress.  Good luck to all and keep that cartilage moving and hang in there cause this injury is challenging to say the least!!

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