Post-Cortisone Update

Just a brief update:
-about 30 degrees ROM
-still bruised
-still swollen
-hurts all the time, but really bad at night
-hurts by the medial meniscus... this worries me... I've had the medial meniscus trimmed, and the bones are reshaping to compensate.  Well OS said if I was having medial meniscus pain that would make sense, and he would consider a meniscus transplant.  I'd never really had pain there, so I never worried about it (the whole idea of a transplant just creeps me out).  But now thats where the majority of my pain is... sigh....

I see the doc again on the 14th (I think...) so we'll see what's next.

I just want to curl up with a good book, but the curling up part is limited by my ability to bend my knee   


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