OS Appointment

Well, I saw the OS today.  He said the MRI didn't get great images, but were enough that he didn't see any problem with the articular cartilage.

The Medial Meniscus is smaller than it should be, but that makes sense because that was trimmed in surgery #1.  Anyway, that's causing the bones to adjust themselves.  But if that were the source of my pain, I should just have medial knee pain.  Well, most of my pain is lateral/distal in addition to (less) medial pain.  But if I did have the medial pain, he would consider a meniscus transplant.

So anyway, he wanted to try cortisone before scoping again. 


  I have never been in this much pain before!!!!!!!!!!! Even with my previous surgeries.  I have no range of motion, the 2 hour car ride home was horrible (luckily I didn't have to drive), it just hurts sooooo bad.

I was all mentally prepared for him to suggest one of the articular cartilage procedures, but not this.  I want my knee to not hurt anymore.  And this just seems to be delaying the inevitable. 

He said that in a month we can reevaluate the scope.  And that would be debridement of the scar tissue.  Plus he would look directly at the articular cartilage, because he can't figure out what else could be causing this pain.  He also wanted to consider a lateral release, because I have a slightly tilted patella, but I'm really not big on that idea, from what I've read, that procedure tends to just set you up for more problems down the road...


I was really hoping for more answers today...

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