Persistant pain

Well I posted after 3 weeks about pain in the thigh and calf.  Here I am at 6+ weeks and still have the same issue. Surgeon this week said 15% of patients typically have this issue. (WHY ME!).  He sent me to my family doctor to discus sleeping medication and pain control medication.  My family doctor is much more concerned and suggests at 6 weeks most of the pain should be manageable and I should be fine sleeping.  Not so.  As I told the surgeon I have basically not slept at all since surgery.  One night I had 5 hours!  yeah. that was last week.
So my family doctor is sending for an ultra sound DVT.  He obviously is concerned that I do in fact have blood clots(s) that are the root cause of my pain.
Pain starts when I lay down. no matter where I try to sleep laying down, within 40 minutes my knee starts hurting like hell, this causes me to have to get up and ice it. Pain radiates to a point in the groin, then my lower leg starts to hurt and the bones there hurt.  Then I get this spasming of the leg and muscles.  One friend suggested I need to eat more bananas and take magnesium with vitamin C to get the spasms to stop.Then starts a cycle of chesterfield bed other sofa bed until it is time to make the coffee for wife to go to work at 6.  Then I am basically up for the day and worn out. 
I look on this last 6 weeks as the worst time in my 65 years.  I am utterly sick of being sick with pain and taking so many acetaminophen that my whole system is or feels wrecked.  I am losing weight too.
Sick and tired of being literally sick and tired.

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