Distal Femur Osteotomy 12/1/14

Hello I really wanted to add my story to the site!  I have read many helpful stories about knee surgeries and different things that people went though and I hope that what I have to say can help someone too.I had my surgery on my right leg December 1, 2014 and I am a 27 year old female. But let me go back to the beginning.  As a baby I was bowlegged and my parents worried about my legs but eventually they straightened out.  I walked normal for years, but around 7th or 8th grade my mom noticed my knees were knocking as I was walking.  Unfortunately I never grew out of this.  So I had genu valgum :(  My next step was just to find someone to fix this.  As a teenager this was hard  just for the cosmetic reason alone. It's a strong blow to anyone's self esteem.   I spent a lot of time on google and looking at people's pictures online trying to find a cure.  Knocked knees are not as common as bowlegs, so there was not as much info on them I found a specialist when I was in high school.  I was about 14 or 15.  My mom and I went to the hospital at the University of Michigan.   He told me get inserts for my feet (they are flat as pancakes no arch at all) and maybe lose weight.  Wow not helpful and I did get inserts but my knees were still knocking away.  I do wonder if my weight and flat feet led to my knees knocking.  But I wasn't that big when they were knocking.  I was about 160 and 5 feet 6 inches.  Not skinny, but not morbidly obese. Anyways I lived with this for over a decade.  It was hard just seeing myself walk and being embarrassed that people were judging me based on something like that.  I decided to get into the best shape I could despite my circumstances.  So after I moved to California last year in 2013 I was working out and trying to lose weight.  I hired a trainer and did so many lunges squats and so many other exercises that put a lot of stress on my knees.  I was also running.  So after months of this my right leg was swollen in my knee and I couldn't put weight on it.  I went to see several doctors in orthopedics.  One gave me crutches, another a steroid shot in my knee until finally at the last appointment the doctor told me there is nothing I can do for you and you have arthritis.  I broke down crying.  Not only were my knees making me walk funny I had arthritis at the age of 27.  I didn't know that til he just blurted it out. But there is a light at the end of my tunnel.  After I was crying the doctor told me he would refer me to another doctor. Two months after our conversation I met with Dr. Keist at Kaiser in San Francisco.  He told me that I definitely needed the surgery and he would be the one to do it.  I was so happy now there would be an end to the cosmetic stress but so much more important a relief to my pain.  My right leg was actually more crooked than my left leg.  I have noticed that it was getting more knocked and that I was limping because me left leg was a bit longer now.  He told me that knocked knees are less commonly operated on than bowed legs but that mine needed it.  I think he said that they do one every couple of years for knocked knees and bowlegs are a couple a year.  At the rate my knees were going I would have to get a TKR before I was 35 or 40! I finally felt validated.  I was not crazy.  My knees were getting worse as the years were going by and the abnormal stress on my knees needed to stop.I'll tell about my surgery in the next post. 

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