Nick’s Medial Plica Excision & Fat Pad 4 Years Post Op

Today marks my 4th Arthroscopy Anniversay on my right knee to remove the medial plica and trimming of the fat pad that was causing restrictive movement and catching in my right knee. This time last year I was doing really well to such an extent that I was ready to take part in my very 1st Half Marathon in March 2013 by taking part in the 2013 Droitwich Half Marathon. Training was going well and was averaging a pace of 6 minutes 40 seconds a mile doing a 9 mile circuit 3 times a week in just over an hour. January 2013 was a cold month in the UK with snow and ice on the pavements. It was like walking on an ice rink and was walking along the pavement and slipped onto my right knee and the side of my right hip on black ice. Both my hip and knee was bruised and the bottom of my right knee swelled up. I thought rest and ice would do the trick, my right knee did not improve and had no choice and had to pull out of the Droitwich Half Marathon. I ended up seeing an OS specialising in soft tissue injuries of the knee Mr Snow. His conclusion was that my right knee injury was a pre existing injury and the fall onto black ice just speeded up the process. I had very tight muscles and a tight IT band that was contributing to the knee pain and swelling. I have so far had a CT guided Botox injection into the top of my right leg muscle near to the groin into the tensor fascia lata followed by PT. It should hopefully release the tension in the tight leg muscles and IT band. I am into week 7 of my PT and my physio has given me mainly stretching of the quads and ITB as well standard stretching and squatting. My physio said to try and do some running, I would if I could as right now as soon as I try to run feel pain at the bottom of my right knee and discomfort and my running pace is too slow to re join Droitwich AC. I am being told keep doing my daily PT schedule I have been given to do by my physio. So far I am not seeing any improvements and  ideally would like to have my right knee sorted out by Easter 2014. I have been told I should avoid a 2nd Arthroscopy on my right knee if possible as it a risky and do know any type of surgery is a risky. The last surgery was a slow recovery but at least it got me back running to full capacity again. Many professional runners seem to be fine after more then 1 scope on their knee. Getting to a point now where it been almost a year and PT so far not making any difference and have only one option left now to go back and see Mr Snow as it is starting to annoy me now. My friends that live in the Spa Town of Droitwich in Worcestershire have joined Droitwich Running Club and pleased for them it just hurts to see them be able to run and I cannot as my right knee is being stubborn to treatment so far. I am now feel like an outsider as former Club Member and now look’s like I will not be able to compete in The Droitwich Half Marathon in March 2014. I do know I already have PFPS and maltracking in my right knee that remains swollen at the bottom with some fluid, this explains the swelling and pain at the bottom of kneecap.

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