Nick’s Medial Plica Excision & Fat Pad 3 Years Post Op

It's now been 3 years since my surgery on my right knee and 2012 has been a good knee year for me without too many knee problems. I decided to finally do what I always talked about and joined a Running Club, I choose Droitwich Athletics Club in the County of Worcestershire that is also well known Worldwide for it's Famous Knee Clinic.


Droitwich Knee Clinic is based in a small Spa Town of Droitwich that is an area I have always admired and currently looking for employment around the Worcestershire region to become a Support Worker for Autistic Children and Adolescents and planning to move to Droitwich Spa once I found a full time job and on passed my probation period.  Being on the Autistic Spectrum my self will benefit the children as my personal experience of having High Functioning Autism will be an advantage rather then a hindrance as I consider my spectrum to be on the mild side and want to help and support others on the Autistic spectrum for the rest of my working career.


I very much into running long distance and admit I am very competitive and try to stick to a fast pace and one of the top runners for Droitwich AC. I average at around 6 minutes and 40 seconds a mile and on a good run I can do a mile in around 6 minutes a mile depending on the gradient as if you running downhill rather then uphill then of course this will increase and decrease your speed. I do know I am at a higher risk of having to have a knee replacement when I get older as running on a hard surface puts a lot of impact and strain on the knees. I am willing to take a risk as it a healthy hobby to be doing and normal to have joint replacements as you get older and maybe I am speeding up the process by running on regular basis.


I admit that I do feel pain and twinges at the bottom of my right knee after a run and does tend to swell at the bottom of my knee and feel pain around the tibia. I see it this way with the number of miles a do in a week it’s bound to have an impact on my knee as I run 8 miles 5 times a week and will be increasing it to 50 miles a week.


I did go and see my regular Physio Russ and he told me that I am overdoing it with my running and need to ease back and reduce the miles to rest my right knee. Instead of running 8 miles 5 times a week I should only run twice for one week 5 miles and then the following week do 8 miles 3 times a week and see how my right knee holds up. It also important to do stretches before and after a run and to ice my knee after a run.  Doing a slow run around the block before going for a long run to warm up the body is also beneficial.


Russ did warn me that I will only be able to run at a competitive level for a few years before my knees start to give me problems as regular long distance running is going to have a lasting impact on the knees and will lead to gradual wear and tear. I do know that I putting my self at a higher risk of having to have a TKR at a younger age and its something I am willing to risk and going to enjoy my running while it lasts.


It depends on each individual some people knees will wear out quicker then others and it is a gamble if I am going to be one of the unlucky ones with knee problems at an earlier age.


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