Nick’s Medial Plica Excision & Fat Pad Two Years Post Op:


I will be joining a local running club in spring 2012 as I feel ready to join a club as I am good enough to become a member. It will a great way to make new friends by joining a club I would have a better chance of competing in half and full marathons across the

UK by being a club member.


When I do go for a run I sometimes feel a little pain and discomfort in both knees which is nothing to be concerned about as most runners will feel a little bit of knee pain from running on a hard surface. My right knee that was operated on swells up a little after a run with some pain at the bottom of my kneecap by the portal areas and could be caused by some scar tissue left after my scope. My left knee has maltraking problems and has always been a problem since I was a child. I sometimes get pain at the bottom of my kneecap and also sometimes click’s. Russ my PT did mention to me that I may have problems with my left knee in the future if I do a lot of long distance running on it.


Now that we have reached the winter months I am now feeling more pain in both knees. I may have early signs or arthritis as I have been working outdoors for over 12 years in cold damp condition that cannot be good for the knees. I mainly feel pain around the portals in my right knee and think it could be a bit of scar tissue causing the pain with maybe slight arthritis kicking in. I have more maltracking problems in my left knee and sometimes feel pain when it is cold and damp and again could be early signs or arthritis. I am not too concerned about it at this present time and may not even be arthritis as most people get knee pain on and off. I would now say my knee is from 85% perfect to 60% that is still a good percentage after knee surgery.


Who knows I may be posting again on KG in the future about my knees as I know that jogging on a hard surface is bad for your knees and will gradually wear them out. I am willing to risk wearing out my knees as I enjoy jogging too much to give it up completely and will worry about it when my knees start to give me problems again. Until then I shall carry on enjoying my long distance running as I am good at it and too young to start worrying about future knee problems.


I hope what I have written about my right knee over the passed 2 years in my post diary will be helpful for other members on KG that you can overcome your knee problems and there is light at the end of the tunnel after all. I would like to thank Mr Marcus Green for doing a successful scope and Dr Grahame Brown for the IMS sessions that got me back to running again and finally to the Bulletin Board members that have supported me through my knee problems and to Dr Sheila Strover who established and runs such an excellent website.

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