Nick's Medial Plica Excision & Fat Pad 8 Months Post Op

Now coming up to 8 months post op and so far have not seen any vast improvements. The cortisone injection that I had on March 30th 2010 did help ease some of the pain towards the bottom of the kneecap and the last couple of week’s knee pain has become more intense again. I am starting to feel pain around the tibia again when I am walking at times, I had the same type of pain pre op and thinking it could be maltracking as I read up that plica can be linked with patellofemoral syndrome. I use to have knee pain from childhood onwards so have had problems with maltracking for most of my life and could be contributed towards my present knee problems.

On the 29th June 2010 I had another consultation at BirminghamRoyalOrthopaedicHospital with the same OS that did my surgery and cortisone injection. I told him my knee feels worse off then it was pre op and finding it hard to do my job as a Greenkeeper, as I finding it hard to squat and kneel down . If I try to kneel down or squat I feel intense pain behind knee and was fine before I had my surgery.

My OS I am currently seeing works under Mr Green, who one of the UK's leading knee surgeons. Mr Green's Registrar told me that the type of surgery I had back in November 2009 normally has a 97% success rate. I am one of the unlucky 3% where medial plica excision has failed and ended up making my knee problems worse. My OS wants to investigate my knee problem further and will be having an MRI scan on my right knee on July 28th. It could be scar tissue or the plica could have grown back again is what my OS thinks could be causing my knee problems.

I have already had 2 MRI scans in the passed and each one has not shown up any problems so hope I am 3rd time lucky. I know that scar tissue and plica problems are hard to spot on a MRI scan, so may not show up any problems and would like to know what I am dealing with. I would rather the MRI scan shows up a problem rather then nothing at all as I would like to be able to run again and not feel any pain when squatting and kneeling.

I am still seeing my private physio but not as often as I am keeping on top of my physio and go swimming once a week and the gym 3 times a week. I can now use the cross trainer again and leg press and can see that it’s working as my quads becoming a lot stronger.

I would like to be able to run again one day which I am unable to do since my fall back in October 2007. Also its important that I can squat and kneel down without feeling pain as I need to be able to kneel and squat in my job, so want my right knee sorted out so I can return to the things I once enjoyed doing such as going for a jog around my area with my friend, who also enjoys long distance running. Even if it ment more surgery I am happy to go ahead with it, if it going to help me go back to running again and less with knee pain.






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