Nick's Medial Plica Excision & Fat Pad 5 Months Post Op

20 weeks after my surgery back in November 2009 and cannot report any vast improvements so far. I still finding it difficult to squat and kneel down and feeling pain and tightness around the medial side of the knee. Also find that my knee gives in while walking which may be nothing to worry about as I have been told it could be due to weak quads. When knee gives way I sometimes feel pain towards the bottom of the kneecap and at other times do not feel any pain when knee gives way.  

I been seeing a Physio privately and he told me that I have some fluid inside the knee. The right knee is still swollen and been told to keep on top of my PT as I still need to build up my quads and been told swimming is a good way to work on the muscles. My Physio manipulated the scar tissue to try and break down the scar tissue and told me that maybe Mr Green might take another MRI scan of the knee if knee does not improve.

On Tuesday 30th March I had a follow up Consultation with Mr Green's Registrar at the BirminghamRoyalOrthopaedicHospital who told me that it is unusual for someone who had my type of surgery to have problems still 5 months post op and said that 95% of patients would have recovered from the type of surgery I had. I am the 5% that having problems still and the OS I saw gave me a cortisone injection on the medial side of the knee close to the incision area as that is the area that I feel the most pain and discomfort. I did not have all fat pad removed just trimmed which was inflamed when the OS was inside my knee.

Once he gave the injection the pain was not as intense so improved the pain level slightly. I could carry on doing my PT exercises at home without feeling as much pain as before so injection has helped slightly, but pain is still there each time I try to squat. The OS told me to avoid kneeling or squatting and said that I have a minor knee problem but not convinced as I think I have scar tissue around the portal area. The cortisone injection is ment to reduce the swelling and break down some of the scar tissue so will see over the next few weeks if injection has helped or not.

My Physio told me to find a swimming pool and run and walk in the pool as it would be a good way to work on building up my leg muscles and would have less impact on the knees being under water. I am not allowed to use the cross trainer at the gym but can use the stationary bike for 20 minutes.

I have another Consultation with Mr Green or his Registrar at the end of June and hope knee will improve as I am still unable to run and now I can no longer squat or kneel, so worse off now then I was before my surgery. I would like to be able to run again as I feel I am too young never to run again as I am only 31 so should be able to at my age.






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