The risk of a shopping excursion....

Well, tomorrow is going to be a BIG to see my GP to undergo a test to see if my body has recovered from a recent chest infection, then my excursion begins! 

I really must require to have my head's the first day of the school holidays here and I'm heading out to go shopping with my daughter! 
Thankfully, I've been resting today, so fingers crossed tomorrow will be a good day and my travelling knee won't hold a stop work meeting! Well, between the strapping, supportive brace and my legless buddy (walking stick) as well as being sensible enough to sit down at very regular intervals, we should manage to come to an understanding and not go on strike. 
Boy, am I thankful there are great coffee shops scattered at decent distances throughout the centre!! 
And the reason for this little excursion I hear you ask? 
My younger daughter begins her Traineeship next week, so we're off to purchase some appropriate work wear for her. 
That might cause a slight conflict.....we're not too sure if our taste in appropriate work wear actually is in sync!!
For me, the standard is very corporate....that's the way I was raised, and the way I've always dressed for work. 
This should be interesting, entertaining and slightly insane. Shopping centres and I are not exactly on friendly terms....well there's nothing wrong with the centres themselves, but the people in them are a different kettle of fish. 
People are blind pretty much. I've noticed over the years that people don't notice/see anything below their necks. Even when my granddaughter was in a pram, people wouldn't notice and still attempt to walk in front of me and then give me a dirty look when they realised they couldn't just cut me off. 
And it's worse when you use a legless buddy!! People have no issue in walking and stopping directly in front of you.......actually, I had one guy not too long ago who probably wished he hadn't done exactly that. 
See, I don't walk hurts more when I slow down, so even with my legless buddy I can still move pretty quick for short distances at a time. 
Well, this one guy was walking pretty much side by side with me through Myers. He then decided to get in front of the chick with a stick and stopped for a second. Now, honestly, I didn't deliberately do what happened next......but I was in mid stride and had nowhere else to go. 
My stick came down right on top of his ankle with my shoe just grazing his foot. 
Yep, he was that close when he stopped, and I'm not that quick when it comes to moving sideways. Needless to say twisting or turning suddenly aren't options anymore....not unless I'd like to make a spectacle of myself.
I apologized to the gentleman.......and continued on my way with my poor brother in law bringing up the rear towards the nearest exit. 
It's not my fault I don't move as slowly as people expect.....but the challenge is to not twist, spin or hurt myself on top of NOT hurting any of the unsuspecting public at the same time. 
Resist temptation....resist, resist,'s hoping my daughter will be pretty organised and know where we're headed and how to dress for success without running around like a headless chook! 
Again, I am so thankful there are well placed, great tasting coffee shops throughout the centre. 
Will post an update if I survive unscathed tomorrow's excursion........until next time, take care and wishing you a comfortable day ahead! 
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