Other side of Lateral Release (aka Grease and Oil Change) Surgery

Thursday last week I underwent Arthroscopic Surgery on my right knee to undergo a Lateral Release, as well as allow my OS a good look at what's actually going on in there, and to tidy up any scarring. 

Everything went smoothly from the time my partner and I arrived at the Day Clinic until the moment I was escorted down to our car to head back home. The staff were fantastic, very respectful, patient, kind and compassionate. My OS took a few minutes to chat with me prior to my meeting the Theatre Staff, just to answer any last minute questions, and to confirm I was ok with him calling my partner to let him know how it all went and what he'd seen. I didn't expect him to go to that length, as other surgeons don't appear to have the time to make a phone call, even less to check to ensure I was happy for them to do so! 
My surgeon then came and saw me to discuss his findings before the nurses contacted my partner to let him know I was all clear to go home. 
There was good and bad news according to my OS....to my way of thinking it's good news all round. Firstly, he was able to clean up all the scarring that was in and under the joint, as well as surrounding the Patella. Most of this, he explained to me, was due to the recurrent dislocations I've experienced over the years, very little due to the earlier surgeries. 
The bones of the actual joint are perfect, with no noticeable damage to either bones. 
The bad news......the damage to my Patellofemoral section of my knee is extensive and far worse than any of us expected. 
Seeing as the other sections of the joint are healthy and undamaged, the Total Knee Replacement we'd originally considered as my only option, it seems my next operation will instead be a Partial Knee Replacement in the very near future. 
Will find out more next week when I'm to see my OS again for him to remove the stitches and to check my progress.
On the progress front, I couldn't be happier! We were warned I'd most likely be in more pain, especially post op, than I was before, though that hasn't appeared to be the case. Yes, I've kept on top of the pain with the stronger medications that I was prescribed, though I have reduced the amounts from maximum to the barest minimum over the course of the past two days. I've been far more mobile than after previous surgeries, which has been a godsend to be honest. I have been able to PWB since the surgery, with the aide of crutches, and around the bedroom I can manage to move, very, very slowly without any aides. It's not much, to be honest, as the bed is smack bang in the middle of the room. The only time I'm upright is to change the DVD's or to grab my medications or TENS machine. But it is a start!! 
I'm now, three days post op, able to do between 6-10 heel slides each hour, with 6-8 SLR's as well. I still can't lie on my side, so am finding sleeping a little less comfortably than normal, but am hoping that should change during the week. 
I'm off to see my GP and my Physio this week.....GP for a general post op review and check up, Physio to set up a game plan on what I can and can't do for the next few days, and how often I'll be visiting him. I'm keeping my expectations open at this stage. It's been easier, by all means, than either of the reconstructions (MPFL's on each knee), and I'm feeling a lot better in myself than I was after the others. I'm guessing as that's more due to being mobile and not so reliant on everyone else for the basics. I can go to the little girls room on my room, make my own coffee or tea in my thermos and bring it back into the bedroom with me compliments of my backpack. 
And, I can manage to dress myself, which is the biggest bonus by far.
My mother in law will be down next week to help out, which is more of a blessing than if she was down now. She'll be needed then, as there are going to be more appointments I'll need to be driven to, and the guiding hand whilst I do my exercises at home. Someone has to remind me to not overdo it when my partner is either asleep or at work!! (he works night shifts, so the days are pretty much mine to misbehave as much as I choose!!) 
We've already noticed an improvement in the height of my heel slides, and an increase in the amount of SLR's I'm able to do at a time. 
I was even able to have a shower on my own tonight!! 
I've done some research now into the PKR's, as everything had been done to find out as much as possible for a TKR
So, the long and tiring road has began....and so far, so good. Of course, we'll take each day as it comes. And, behave myself as much as I possibly can. 
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