One of those days....

You know those days where it starts off with so much promise and ends with you wanting to cry your eyes out or really lay into a punching bag for no apparent reason??

Mine's kinda been like that.....
Firstly, the good GP believes my chest infection is clearing up very nicely, and is confident next week I'll be cleared for my LR surgery. YAY!!! Huge boost to my confidence, as it's taken a few batterings of late.
Kind of enjoyed the shopping excursion with my daughter, though there is a little bit of tension there between us since she moved out of home two months ago. I love her to bits, and I'm proud of her, but I don't think I really like her at the moment. And to make it worse, I don't feel guilty for it either! (eeeeek!!)
My travelling knees and I had a good heart to heart chat this morning before leaving the house to begin our excursion. I was very loving and attentive to both prior to getting ready for the day, and they repaid me by holding no stop work meetings whilst we were out and about. Some slight swelling as the morning rolled on, but nothing more serious until I got home.
I behaved myself whilst out as well, and held up my end of our bargain...I took rest breaks every 10 minutes, or less if there was a vacant seat available. 
I was glad to be heading home sooner than expected.....a) because it was great to get away from aforementioned child of mine (just too tense) and b) I knew I was needing some serious R&R.
Was feeling rather emotional about the different relationship with my daughter on the way home and planned on asking my man for a hug the moment I walked through the door.....and that's where the understanding between myself and the travelling knees ended.
As I was walking up our front stairs my Right knee decided to start slipping around. Thankfully the first time was as I was about to place it on the my full weight was balanced between my better leg and my upper body.
I headed straight to the couch and plonked myself down for a few minutes before the call of nature started banging and letting me know it was time to move again OR ELSE!!!
And that's where all sense of dignity and modesty went flying out the window!!! 
As I went to get up off the loo my darling Right knee decided to lock into a 35% angle without warning....and I think I have now got a bruise on my glut to attest to the inconvenience of said lock!
Thankfully I was able to make myself decent before my brother in law came to my rescue...and thankfully I didn't fall back into the toilet bowl. 
The whole household has learnt over the years how to help me, and when to help me, to deal with these occasions. My man came out with the liniment oil, my brother in law grabbed a hot water bottle, towel and my ice pack and together we managed to get me to plonk myself back down on the couch!! 
After massaging for just over an hour, rotating between heat and ice packs and taking one of my Tramadol tablets which was slightly overdue....oops....we managed to convince/coax my knee into behaving itself.
The payback though??
The medial, and feels like it was under the patella itself, was tightening and then easing off for the next few hours...not exactly tickling! 
It's thankfully eases off with the occasional tightening sensation since, and I promise if it doesn't settle down as it should over the next few hours (until early afternoon tomorrow) then I'll call my GP and see if she needs to check me out again. 
I think it's just a combination of everything that's just knocked me mentally around a bit today......with a lack of sleep last night......and I'm just feeling blugh.
But tomorrow is a new day.....and I've decided that I will treat my body to a pedicure and manicure at home...followed by some outrageous nail polish on my toes and fingers. Oh and shave my legs....especially important IF I need to revisit my GP. 
I've been burning my calming, relaxing and soothing aromatherapy oils throughout the house this afternoon....not sure if it helps to relax the legs, but it works wonders on me mentally and that's always a good thing!!!
I know we all have rougher than normal days, and I believe we need these to really appreciate the days when everything is going fantastic...otherwise, how would we be able to tell the difference? Looking forward to this one being over with though.......and starting fresh tomorrow.
Oh, I did get that much needed hug too!!  
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