One patient, loving and understanding partner.....

I am blessed to have a very long suffering, loving, patient and very understanding partner to stand (no pun intended) by me during all my ups and downs (again, no pun intended!) 

It's just there are moments, like right now, where I wish he'd be the strong, silent type of partner instead!!!
After another night with some travelling knees, lack of sleep (still consider this to be over rated) and watching episodes of the Addams Family,  I've finally awoken to a difficult day with cooler weather, a chance of rain and little to no movement...yet!! I'm waiting for my legs to get with the programme and realise it's time to wake up.
Enter my man.....bless his little cotton socks.....with a cuppa, today's paper and a hug. Followed by his understanding and reassuring comment...."It's gonna be one of those days hun, your arthritis is going to love you today"
And a good morning to you too!! 
Don't get me wrong, I do count my blessings that he understands and takes these little things in his stride....I know others who aren't so blessed. But I really don't need to hear it!!!! 
Oh bugger, I'm complaining again aren't I? 
He really is too good to be true.....when he woke up early this morning, (he works nightshift, so on the nights off his body clock is still a bit heywire) and noticed my grimace behind the smile he silently went about seeing to my comfort. He made me a soothing cup of tea, bought me in a hot water bottle for my upper thigh muscles, and asked me if I had a preference for a movie to watch. He then started pulling out a selection from my 'allowed to watch now' stack of DVD's....there's another stack that is teasing me sitting there that I'm not allowed to watch until surgery! 
After popping in the Addam's Family (original TV series) for me, refilling my water bottle to combat any thrist/dry mouth moments, passing me my puppy dog soft toy (cuddles whilst he's out of the bed), he gave me a hug, kissed me and made sure I was tucked up as snug as a bug in a rug before heading into the computer room to while away the wee hours of the day himself.
Between my first and second reconstructions, we invested in an adjustable that I could elevate my legs in comfort. I was a bit hesitant, regarding the cost of this contraption, but my man, in his wisdom, insisted that this was an investment in my health, as well as his own, and well worth the cost. 
It's worked in his favour as he manages to now keep some of the pillows without me hogging them all to elevate my legs, and as we have separate controls, I can be comfortable without disturbing his sleep!! 
Last year for my birthday I was asked what would I really like to have...I asked for an exercise bike and a TENS machine.....looking at the big picture, these would be necessary.....and though he felt slightly uncomfortable at the thought of others looking at these gifts as a negative, we compromised. I did get my elliptical bike and TENS, and to appease his mental anguish that these weren't enough, he bought me a beautiful necklace. Seriously, I hardly wear the necklace, except for special occassions, yet am on the bike daily and use the TENS at least three times a week! 
This year I was a bit more frivolous and requested supporter gear for my footy club.....we gained enough devices of torture last year to assist me.....and now he's regretting this indulgence as the house has been overtaken with Essendon gear!!! lol
But he's supportive, and when my physio mentioned it would be advantageous to have some ankle weights to use at home, he jumped online and started looking at what our options were. 
There are moments when he is frustrated as all get out that I'm not 'normal' and can't be permanently pain free/trouble free......and who can blame him! After all, he is human!
Seeing as most of the attention and expense is on myself, I go out of my way to ensure I give him my undivided attention when we're alone, I don't let on if I'm in pain and when I do get to escape and be let loose on the world (retail therapy!!) I'll buy little surprises for him and hide them for him to find when he gets to work. 
This man is responsible for keeping me sane, making me laugh at myself and my issues, defends me when my family/children are being selfish or greedy and provides me with the love and support that is priceless and more valuable than gold.
To my long suffering, strong, patient, loving man..THANK YOU!!  
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