In the words of Gloria Gaynor..."

I WILLSURVIVE...as long as I know how to live..."

Well, I'm aware of my limitations once more.....and you know it's pretty rough when it happens prior to sipping your first cup of coffee in the morning!
Yesterday was an up and down day....literally. 
I've taught myself to not jump straight out of bed in the mornings....especially if I'd had one of those amazing dreams where everything is 'normal'....according to people without knee issues.  Which is weird, because yesterday wasn't one of those mornings. 
I'd had a rough night the night/morning prior and finally dozed off just as the sun was trying to break through the clouds and rain that was lightly falling around Brisbane. Absolute blessing, and I stayed in bed after waking up just enjoying the sound of the rain outside, and knowing I wouldn't need to worry about watering my herbs and seedlings for another day. 
After having my morning meds, including my new inhaler to help keep my chest clear of infections, I decided to head on out and face the world, and let the household know that I was upright....and ready to take on anything! 
Just as I reached the front door, my amazing man came home from work, so I offered to make him a lovely cuppa whilst I was headed that direction.
Now, as a little side note, I really should stop offering to 'cuppa' him.....the injury that set all this off last year occurred whilst I was on my way to ask him if he'd like a cuppa while I was making one for myself....and yesterday...same thing....hmmm, might be a pattern forming! lol
Anyway, nice to see a few of the bro in law's work friends had dropped in to cheer him up...he's now 2 weeks post op himself from a urology op...and is going loudly insane at the inactivity...rofl....welcome to our world!  As I shuffled past on my way to said kitchen said g'day to them, had a little chat in the time it took to navigate my way through the room and started to prep everything as per usual....going great, made the coffees...passed my man his cup, grabbed mine and headed towards the lounge to join in the social interchange going on. Hey, I'm not fussy...peoples is peoples...and these peoples gossip like it's going outta fashion!! 
About two steps out of the lounge, my backside decided it wasn't happy being so far away from the floor....and my travelling knee decided to travel outwards...but not the normal outwards...actually normal for me is inwards. Oh no, R travelling knee decided to take the tourist route and travel to the outside of my knee instead.
But, to my credit, I only lost half my coffee.....most to the floor (hope it liked it!!), some over my hand/arm and leg.....and myself! :( And I was soooo looking forward to that first one of the day too!!! 
And, all I could think at the time I landed...you know how slow those milliseconds seem while you're falling....is thank goodness I'm wearing my pj pants this morning and not my shorts!!! Followed by.....this isn't good...crap dr required for this...thank god I shaved my legs last night.
Now, I've never claimed to be totally sane, or even close to resembling sane. When my patella travels inwards and totally dislocates, as is the norm, most of the time I can manipulate it back into place with a lot of coaxing, pain killers, time and patience. This is the third time over the years that it's gone the other way, and I won't touch it when it does!! 
My man, well versed in this situation, rang the GP as soon as he noticed which direction we were sitting....and was reassured that she'd see me as soon as he could get me up there. Didn't fancy the thought of waiting at the ER of our local hospital with it stiffening up. And my GP is pretty impressive when it comes to urgent appointments. 
Oh, and the other pretty good thing about dropping like a sack of spuds with a house full of market workers is there is plenty of muscle around to assist in getting my butt down 14 stairs and into our car with the minimum of pain endured.  :) 
GP has sentenced me to a few days in my full leg splint, RICE and as I'm seeing her on Monday, she'll review me then and see how we're travelling....no pun intended...before sentencing me to further time in torture device. 
It was an interesting ride home...me off my tree due to the pethidine injection supplied prior to being jerked and yanked back into place...my man slightly nervy, and worried about driving on such uneven roads....seriously, I was in my own little world and didn't notice! 
So, before midday my day had gone from YAY to SOB.....and an afternoon of trying to stay still, ice packs, heat pack on my thigh and trying to not lose what little of my brain was still functioning as a brain should.
I've been online surfing tonight, looking for a device my PT treats me to when I've finished my sessions...it's my reward for being a good patient and not sooking too much, or too loudly...cryo cuffs that include compression. I've found one that includes the tank of ice & water....and not too pricey considering the amount of use it will get...especially in the lead up to my LR, post op and with the other travelling knee.
Speaking of, L travelling knee has been a little outta sorts today. It's been rather tender and feeling a little wobbly itself. So, as I'm being a good girl and staying in bed with my legs raised, with this splint driving me up the wall, I've been chatting to my L leg, so it doesn't feel left out or overlooked. 
And while I was enjoying another sleepless night/morning overnight, with my man safely at work and not being kept awake with me, I heard the song "I will survive".....and when I started singing along (great sound at 3am) I realised that I will survive. 
I am blessed with two knees that can slip and dislocate, and that takes talent!! Maybe a talent I would most of the time prefer to not have, but it's still a talent none the less.
And, whatever doesn't kill me makes me stronger.....so like everyone with dicky knees, I must be amongst the strongest people on the planet! 
So, next time I'm feeling a bit blugh, boo hoo and all the rest of it I'm going to start singing to myself and remind myself, and those lucky enough to be around my awesome self, that I will survive! 
Have a fantastic weekend!! xoxox
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