Surgery today

I didnt have the surgery until this week due to the surgeon was sick.  Well I didnt have ALL the hardware out, when they got in there it was a little worse than we thought, they took the screw out that was messing with that nerve and they found another one was going through the main bone (shin bone) and then into the little bone beside it, the thing is everytime I walked or put weight on that leg, that screw was digging a hole into the little bone where it shouldnt have, it was apparently real loose, you can actually see the hole on x-ray, also he did not remove the plate, I still have the plate and 4 screws.....he also told my mom that I might have to have another surgery to stabalize the patella but he couldnt do anything else today as the surgeon said there was way too much fluid on my knee. He gave me the screws he did get out and have a follow up Sept 20th. Non weight-bearing for 5 days, have pain meds, a days worth of antibiotics, and muscle relaxers....Im still sleepy from the anesthesia.....they did do a general anesth. but they put a LMA in rather than an endotrachial tube so no scratchy throat!! Im knocking on wood as we speak but this surgery doesnt seem as bad as taking the patella hardware out. I really think its just because I have kept up on my pain meds and keeping it elevated up. I can move my knee more than I could last time after the surgery. Well gotta go, dinner is ready.  Just wanted to update you guys...

Update/more info:  Well went for the first post op Sept 20th.  Doc explained everything in detail.  Knee has been through hell (we knew that, note the eye roll)  Doc took out only three screws, he left the other screws and the plate in there.  He said there was alot of damage from the screws not put in properly uggghh  I guess its wait and see now, hes got me in a better brace and were both thinking of how he can remotely fix this or just put off  this getting worse. 

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