More surgery yet again....

Well knee has gone to hell after I had my stroke.  Im in alot of pain daily.  I fell back in May and really messed up the plate and screws.  Not only that but one of the screws has gone in too far and coming out the other side of my knee, you can litterally feel the screw under the skin.  Anyway finally got up to a orthopedic surgeon (lost insurance) and Im having surgery this upcoming Weds to take out the hardware and clean up the arthritis.  I have to wear an 'everyday' brace cause its so weak.  The brace they gave me is alot better than other ones Ive had.  I actualy feel stable when I wear this one, I havent before and I had to throw away the one that I have.  It was just too old and too stretched out.  Anyway the surgery is going to be pretty easy.  Their prob doing a general so thier going to have to intubate me.  I hate being intubated with a passion but I guess its better than being awake for the surgery.  Anyway laters

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