Well somehow I deleted the other post.  I had to have more surgery.  Initally they thought they were having to do a bone graft as well as take out the hardware.  I had the surgery Monday, things went extremely well and I did NOT have to have the bone graft.  They did take out the hardware.  When the surgeon went in there he said the bone looked fine (Im sure thanks to alot of prayers).  I was lucky and had a femoral nerve block that lasted 26 hours.  Its not there anymore however.  I feel this knee surgery in all its horror.  Right now Im having severe burning pain around the incision.  Ive heard thats normal but will call the post op nurse in the morning just to make double sure.  No redness, pus or heat so dont think its an infection.  If this is as bad as the pain gets its tolerable.  Alot more so than the last surgeries.  I was seriously in so much pain I was hysterical.  Granted this isnt fun and its seriously painful but this is nothing in comparison to the last 2 surgeries.  Well Im getting off here.

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