Getting better somewhat

Well tomrorow will be 5 wks and I think Im doing ok with my knee anyway.  There seems to be persistant swelling that just will not go down no matter what I try and the joint seems to be tight with fluid but Im not in much pain at all, more of just achyness.  I took off the immobilizer the 7th of Jan and Ive been walking ok.  It feels like Im trying to walk on jello but I can hold my own.  My back however is not doing well at all.  I normally dont have back pain but once a year or every other year.  Well this time it had come at one of the worst times right now.  Its just alot of things are going on in the family with health concerns and its just hectic right now.  Anyway I know if I just go in and get a steroid shot or some Medrol Ill be ok but everythings been so crazy I havent been able to and just livign with the pain.  Well a few days ago I realized my foot was getting numb when I would stand for a certain time and thats concerning me and family.   I go to the doc on Tues.  I have a bulging disk and had sciatica for about 10 years.  Like I said it only acts up about once a year or every other year, it dont really affect my life, I just go get the damn steroids and Im fine.  Hopefully it will be ilke any other time.  I may have just let it gone on too long without treatment this time and its just yelling at me 'ok stupid you know how to fix it, do it before I put you on your butt'.  Well Im laying down, Im tired and worn out physically, mentally and emotionally.  My husband was here for vaccation and he had to go back to his post.  Things are just all happening at once and its like I just want to yell 'whoa stop for just a damn second to get my breath'.  Unfortuanately life just dont stop.  God wont give you more than you can handle but I feel like telling him 'ok father your flirting with that line'.  Anyway I just have to remember Eph 6:10, g'night

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