Doing ok

Been doing ok.  Not in PT yet but I think Im doing ok when you look at the big picture.  Im off all walking aids, dont wear a brace unless I HAVE to (which is rare) and walking relatively normal.  When Im on my feet most of the day Im still having severe swellling problems.  Dont even ask about the weather OMG.  It was raining a couple days in a row.  I cant describe the bone pain and how swollen it really was.  I told my aunt I have a mellon for a knee and a softball for an ankle.   Matter of fact that night when I looked at it from mid shin down was red and it was swollen to the point where if I had saw this on a patient on an EMS call Id do everything in my power to convince the patient to go to the hospital because it looked like if I had a DVT.  I know it was just swelling, the weather and working all day that just compounded though. Everything goes back to relative normalcy by morning though.  Its the little things that I notice thats telling me Im getting better.  IE:  I can trust my knee when I trip or misstep to catch me, I dont just fall.  Im starting to go up and down steps ok, still having problems though.  I think most of its the proprioception (where I think my leg is and where it actually is) is horrible.  It will all come in time, when I look at the big picture Im doing great for just being 8 weeks post op from my last surgery.  Take into account I had two major bone surgeries back to back with no time to recover between them.  Id be great if it was about 72 degrees and dry the rest of my life though lol.  I think that last statement about the weather and humidity is going to be my new life quote lol

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