Doing great...still wish it was 72 degrees and dry...

I am doing so much better and I feel like Im on the uphill of this thing......its getting better all the time...continually.  Its just the little things I notice.  I can do stairs without much problems at all.  My knee feels natural (as weird as that sounds, after all its attached to my body) and more like before all this stuff started last June.  I think Im finally over the hump.  After the weather clears up Im going to attempt to ride a bike for the first time.  Dont get me wrong, I still have arthritis, still have about a 1/4lb of titanium in my leg, ROM is not at 100%, Im still afraid of falling, Im still afraid if I do fall or get on the floor I cant get up or if I do get up Ill break it again, I still have swelling problems during rain, still have very minimal shin pain and patella pain on exhertion.  Most of its I think fear and post traumatic stress from the break.  Im starting to convince myself though I can trust it and doing things I havent done with it in a long long time.  I havent been able to correctly go up and down the stairs since last June/July and Im doing it now with NO feeling of instability.  Today for the first time I kneeled on my bed with some weight on the bad knee, didnt feel too bad, felt weird because its been so long since Ive done it but hardly any pain.  Like I said Im starting to feel like Im using my leg normally now.  As always and forever I still wish it was 72 degrees and dry though lol  I HATE HATE HATE bad weather now. 

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