Back to a 'new' normal?

Its weird to say but I think Im back to relative normalcy.  I still cant do certain things like kneel on that knee or run normally (I can when I have to turn off the house alarm, phone or an emergency) but Im doing really good.  Its actually quit comical to watch me try to run, its more like a skip/fast walk.  lol  Its been 5 years and a month since the first surgery, 7 months since the second surgery and 5 months since the third surgery.  I still have all the hardware.  Its really not bothering me that much.  I still have chronic swelling in my leg after a long day but thats to be expected.  I do have osteoarthritis and its 'official' even though Ive known about it since '08.  I have the typical in the mornings and after Ive sat down for too long my leg is stupid and sore.  If Ive done too much its stupid, sore and swollen etc.  In all reality Im doing better than Im saying but its just a price to pay for being active again.  Its not 'offical' yet but Im going back to work in EMS which I never thought Id say in a million years.   Im totally excited about that!!!!   Im volunteering about 5-6 days a week all together.  I can bike again, really do everything I did before except for a few things.  The one thing Im really detesting about multiple surgeries and arthritis is crappy weather.  OMG  I cant stand when the weather gets bad.  When the weather is bad I have to wear a brace and it litterally hurts to walk.  Im going to ask my GP for a script for either voltaren gel/pill, arthrotec or ultram for those times.  One of the things Im having a hard time dealing with mentally is knowing Im going to have arthritis for the rest of my life. Im 27 now and doc thinks in about 5-10 years Im going to need at least a PFJR or (worst case senario) a TKR.  I cant think about the future yet, I have to live in the present.  I forgot to say this earlier, went out dancing 2 nights ago and it went very well.  Hardly any pain at all.  It was very swollen the next day and a little sore but not what I was expecting.  I was doing high energy dancing ie cotton eyed joe, electric slide and another one I cant remember so I was pushing it.  Well thats the update.

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