Stir crazy

Still going stir crazy.  I miss working....I think my mind is gone.  I think Ive got cabin flu or something like that....ok Ive stopped freaking out....Im good now.  Going out with a friend for lunch today so that will get me out of the house.  Been having alot more pain the last few days.  This is day 5 of rain off and on. We havent had rain in MONTHS so havent had to deal with a knee injury and rain.  Its hurtin bad.  Its swelling alot but Im keping it down with alternating heat and ice.  Im also using an ace wrap for compression.  Those things and major doses of motrin and tylenol are keeping me sane.  I know it sounds odd but I cant wait for this surgery and to be better from it finally.  I had a dream last night I was running.....yes running.  I love running and ran competitively from my senior year of HS till about late part of 04, after that I did a couple races for fun but mostly walked them.  Id love to get back to runing after the surgery but its just going to have to be for fun again, my knee will never be the same as it was, I think Ive already mourned for that and accepted it.  The surgeon said Ill be more than able to get back to field work (EMS) and ED work thankfully, softball would be ok too, but competitive running is pretty much out.  I might be able to get a light jog or power walking but not to hope for hard core running to come back.  Im ok with that.  I asked about biking since thats another thing I love and he said that would actually be great, its not an impact thing.  Ill hope for the best.  Hope everyones doing good.

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