Still doing good but had a dork moment

Like I said in the title Im stil doing good.  Im walking on my own, no cane or crutches with relatively no problems or pain.  The ROM is up to about 115*.  Strength is coming back slowly but Im aggressivly working on that with PT.  I just had a 6wk f/u Wends with the surgeon and he says everything is going good.  Bone isnt completely healed but go ahead and push it if I want but just avoid falls.  He said he was suprised I was walking with the amt of pain I was in during recovery but in his words 'if your hardheaded enough to walk, have at it'  Well I took that advice a tad too far lol.  I stayed at the hospital (BAMC is a military hospital) and I volunteered from about 8 in the morn to about 3 or 4 by the time I was definatively able to get out of there.  I have to walk alot between two buildings, the one building in the back and then the main hospital, and then the barracks or another building which is the other way.  Well I paid for it big time, I have alot of swelling in my leg down into my ankle.  Its coming down slowly but its still there.  Yesterday I was worried about a blood clot with the amt of swelling and soreness in my calf but I think Im out of the woods this morning.  The swelling isnt gone by any means but it looks alot better than yesterday.  Something good came out of it though, before I was walking like a stick person and waddling, now Im walking relatively normal and it just seems smoother, more natural.  I had a great thanksgiving, family came from out of town and the house was full, I was able to bake alot and had relative ease with that where my knee is concerned.  The only thing that would have made it better was if my husband was with us.  He had another military family taking care of him though so that was reassuring.  He will be home before you know it.  I did have to take a pain pill Wends night but after that its just been regular OTC Tylenol.  Anyway all around Im doing good just have to avoid the 'dork' moments lol 

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