Round 2

Well Im staring this journal and now I have something to write about. I will try to keep this updated. A little about me, Im a 26yo/female, live in the south and yes its been HOT!! Im a proud Army wife but I wont share much, if any, of that info on this site. I injured my knee back in 05, I had two patella dislocations so they went in and they did an open MPFL repair with a wire. This year in June it started dislocating again, three times this time within about a couple of months. Its subluxating all the time. Therefore that brings me to why Im here. Im heading towards my 2nd round of surgery on my knee.

I have knock-knees and thats why my patella keeps dislocating (and the reason the first surgery failed), the mal-alignment of my leg is pulling the patella laterally. Normally I would be fine without treatment because Ive had this since I was born. Mother nature is a wonderful thing and even though I had this, my legs adjusted to the crappy alignment.

When I messed my right knee up the first time and had surgery to repair it the natural balance went out the window. Before anyone asks, as long as I dont hurt my left leg, that leg will be fine without anything being done to it thankfully!

I had a CT scan and xrays which showed it was real bad. Im facing a medial closing wedge HTO and another MPFL repair this time thier going to fix it with a donor graft. Thier not too sure if thier going to have to fix the MPFL but they will find that out in the OR. Either way I have to have the HTO so my leg will quit pulling the patella out. One of the ortho's at BAMC is doing it, hes one of the best.

Im going to be admitted for about 3-4 days. Right now Im waiting on cardio to clear me. Because Ive had open heart surgery (Im fine now), anytime I have surgery or any kind of procedure I have to be cleared through them. Im still waiting on date of surgery. Military hospitals are overwhelmed with 2 wars going on right now so things are hectic.; Let the guys coming home
from that hell-hold receive treatment first. Im worried and nervous but Im in the best hands.; God knows they've had enough experience between afghan and Iraq. I volunteer a lot but lately been real quiet, the quieter I am the less my knee comes out. Im involved greatly with the church, I sing and work with the teenagers. I love working with the kids. Been doing it for years between different assignments with my husband. Well Ill come back on here when I know a date or if anything else comes to mind. Talk later.

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