Problem or weather.....?

I have no idea whats going on.  All of a sudden Monday I noticed severe sudden pain right above, under and directly lateral to the patella.  It feels like the bursa is irritated or maybe overuse in PT.  I was doing lunges in PT and the severe pain started.  It hurt so bad I sat down after I was done (finished the excersise) and had tears coming out of my eyes.  Since then the quads have been sore.  Im thinking the weather might have something to do with it, its been getting in the high 30's and raining the last few days too.  I dont know, I called the surgeons office and supposed to be getting a call back.  This is going to be a shock to him since I was doing great.  I mean if I had pain  since surgery that would be one thing.  I was doing great, hardly any pain at all, PT was advancing well and then its like a truck hit me and I have severe pain again suddenly.   I have a script for Mobic that I was taking before the surgery, see if he'll let me start on that again.  Probably not since its technically an NSAID and my bone isnt completely healed.  We'll see when he calls.

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