Well went in for the pre-op appt today it all went well.  I have to go in for a pre-admin apt where they'll do all the pre-op testing next week.  Got some things cleared up.  The biggie being MRSA prevention.  Thier going to have me use hibaclens the day before and of surgery, thier also going to give me some IV antibiotics pre and post surgery.  Thier going to keep me in the hospital for a few days for IV antibiotics and pain control.  He said I will be up late that day hopefully walking and moving around.  Start PT that night or the following morning.  I wont need blood.  its going to be general anesth.  The pain control afterwards is going to be a PCA.  He said he likes that because it allows a little pain but controls it to where you can still get up and do what you need to do.  Hes one of the docs there that will get you up ASAP and I like that about him, unfortuantely I will have a foley for a little while after surgery, I was trying to get through without one but he said "trust me, you'll thank me that you had one when this is all over."  No blood thinners thank god, I did NOT want to deal with that.  No CPM, he dont think I need it.  I will be PWB right after surgery but not any more than that, he said too much weight can make the bones slip but yet the slightest weight will help the bones knit together.  No wound drains, he dont believe in them but I will have a cryocuff.  Ill have plates and screws from the osteotomy and then I will have a couple more screws from the ligament reconstruction.  I didnt realize i was going to have so much metal in my knee after this.  Instead of the repair hes just going to replace the ligament with an allograft.  He wanted to make sure I knew he wasnt repairing the ligament, hes replacing it all together but the way he did it was kinda funny in a morbid sort of way lol  Im in the medical field too so he knows he can push those buttons lol  Anyway getting nervous.  Getting the last few things in order and done before surgery.  Well Im going to get off here. 

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