So far so good.  Its a little bit of a challenge to get around but I think Im doing ok.  Learned a new lesson, when a doc says to take a certain pain medication for 2 weeks, dont stop it only 4 days post op.  I was hurting so bad but took it and pain went back under control.  I can attempt now to do a SLR but the leg still isnt straight like I still cant fully extend it and its still very very painful.  This is going to be a long drawn out recovery/rehab so I shoudnt expect things to happen overnight.  I decided to change the dressings today, the wound looked ok, a little red and very swollen but no streaks, drainage, pus or anythign real angry looking.  Im in the medical field and like I said it dont look infected at all.  Im a tiny bit concerned though because the top fo the incision is real tender but just going to have to wait for it to declare itself if something is going on.  Im on abx for another problem so time will tell. 

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