Panicing for no reason?

Well Im doing better but worse.  Im doing good.  I dont have much ROM to speak of at all.   On the other hand I have been able to do an SLR since day 1 after surgery.  My leg doesnt feel like its attached to my body.  I cant get comfortable in bed to sleep, been staying up at night trying to get comfortable.  I know its only been 16 days but Im thinking I ought to be progressing more.  Then again this is a much bigger surgery than the last one.  This one they actually cut bone.  Well I guess Ill just take things as they go.   The PT said Im doing ok and dont panic yet.  Im actually doing good for being this soon after surgery.  The main thing is the ROM that Im worried about.  I know Im hard on myself, maybe that will prove to be a good thing.  Anyway Ive got a URI or a 'cold', I dont have a voice lol  Well Im going to rest, laters.

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