One week post op

Well today is one week post op.  I think im doing ok.  Yesterday I decided I was going to prayer mtg and AWANAs at church.  I think it was a little soon and I might have been a little too gung ho.  Especially since it was wet.  I almost fell twice.  The first time I caught myself on the table and the second time one of my kids fathers had to catch me.  Both times I planted my surg leg to keep myself from falling.  I dnt think I need to be too worreid.  I had a closing wedge osteo.  I asked him before surgery how much weight can I put on this leg and he said toe touching and then he said technically it will be so stable you can put your whole weight on it but you wont want to and I dont want you to for 4-6 weeks.  Im going for the first post op tomororw morning so Ill have him take xrays just to be sure evrything is still ok.  I think when I almost fell the second time I did something to my shoulder, it hurts.  I can still use crutches but its just sore.  Im still suprised at how weak I am.  The littlest things are making me worn out and breathless.  Im still having low grade fevers, the highest one so far has been 100.6.  My calf is also severely painful to the touch even.  Its almost like its too swollen, its probably from all the bruising though and the fact they just filleted my leg during major surgery.  Well Im going to go get some rest.  laters

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