Well woke up in an irritated mood.  I think the stress of all this is wearing on me and those I live with.  The main thing is Im tired of waiting, Im tired of my knee coming out, Im tired of not being able to do much.  Im used to being active and I spend my whole day now on the computer or on the couch with either heat or ice on my knee.  It keeps subluxating and it kinda feels weird/painful when the patella keeps snapping back in position.  I want to do more with the kids at church but cant right now.  I cant wait for me to be back on my feet without having to worry about my knee going out or walking with a damn cane.  Im only 26 and in the words of a famous country song 'Im much to young to feel this damned old'.  Its like Im a prisoner in my own mind and body.  Well thats my woe is me post for the week.  I will try not to have one of these very often!!  Im not that kind of person but waking up it was very overwhelming.  I think doing this blog will help my mind out, getting things out of my head and putting them into something concrete...theres something therapuetic about doing that.

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