Houston.....we have a problem altho minor...

Well I went to PT today and could hardly do any of the excersises, was caught again with tears coming out of my eyes.   The PT looked at me said 'i know physical therapy hurts but it shouldnt be this painful, something isnt right'.  She took a look at it and doesnt think its anything serious but need to back off PT for a couple days and see the surgeon again just to make sure.  Shes thinking its bursitis like, said its real swollen above the patella and thats a sign that this is what it is.  Said she didnt want me pushing it or causing more inflamation to just call and make an urgent apt with the surgeon, so I did, Fri morning.  I dont think hes really going to do anything because he cant put me on NSAIDS and the miltiary hospitals rarely, if ever, drain fluid from anything unless they HAVE to.  I think its just going to be taking it easy and then slowly working my way back up to where I was.  Im just bummed this pain is so bad and its setting me back if only a little.  Like I said in my other post, I could understand if I had constant pain since surgery but I haven't.  Ive been doing good, relatively no pain and then this.  I told a friend of mine its like a truck hit me or something and broadsided me.  Grandparents think its just because of the cold weather but I dont think so.  If it was just weather it would be achey all over especially where the screws and plate is, not above the patella and it wouldnt be so sharp and happen with specific movements.  Well we'll find out Fri, until then RICE.  Im to wear an ACE wrap on it when I can tolerate it and ice it as much as possible to keep the swelling down.

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