had surgery

Well had surgery last Thurs.  Went fine.  That night I had a problem with my blood pressure, it dropped to 74/40.  I dont remember much of it other than when I came back to conciousness there was like 10 people in the room.  They dont know why it happened.  I stayed in the hospital 4 nights for pain control, got to come home Mon morn.  They did a dressing change before I came hme and I think I counted something like 20 staples.  The first nihgt in the hospital was hell.  Ive nevr been in so much pain in my life.  They had dropped the ball on when they were supposed to start medications for me. I had a femoral/sciatic block.  They were supposed to start meds BEFORE the block wore off, well Im here to tell you I didnt get a thing until I was screaming.  They called the surgeon and he gave me a bigger dose of IV morphine and some valium, I was back in happy land after that lol  Later that nihgt and into the next day the PCA was controlling the pain ok.  The main thing I had to deal with was nausea and itching from the narcotics.  The next morning PT got me up on crutches and moving around so I could show them I can get up to the bathroom safetly without having someone called all the time.  I thought PT was going to kill me but it wasnt as bad as i thought.  when they started bending my knee i wanted to scream, htat was the only real bad part.  Im only to about 30 degrees flexion and i still have all extension.  The only part thats freaking me out is my leg, ankle and foot is extremely swollen and I cant get it down to save my life.  Just changed dressing again and the wounds look good, no redness, streaking, pus etc.  I have horrible bruises tho.  I had a low grade fever but he said not to worry unless it goes above 101 and the highest it got was 100.3 so Im ok.  Well Im gonna go just wanted to let everyone know I got through it ok and now Im in the recovery phase.

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