Doing better all around....

Well Im doing better all around, Im not sick anymroe.  My knee is getting better, Im walking with one cane relatively well.  My leg stil gets 'tired' when Im standing too long or when Im walking too much.  The ROM is up to 96 degrees, strength is up too.  The sharp pains I was having have calmed down, I still touch on it every now and then but its not as bad as it was.  Swelling has gone down significantly.  Im stil having pain around the osteotomy site, taking OTC tylenol during the day and still taking t3's at night with a couple benadryl's to be able to get some sleep.  Run out of narcotics but Im still taking benadryl to get some sleep.  I know tahts not normal having to keep taking meds at night but cant do anything till I see ortho again.  I dont want to ask for more pain meds.  Never had this surgery before and I dont know wahtas normal and whatas not so I dont want to push the boundries.  Anyway looking at the bigger picture everythings going good.

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