Doing better.....

Well Im doing better.  Went to ortho yesterday, he did xrays and everything is just fine.  The wound looks great.  There is one little spot that Im watching like a hawk, its draining yellowish fluid, Im not really worried about it yet, no extra swelling, no redness, no streaking etc.  OMG does it hurt to have staples taken out, holy cow!!!  Ive never had staples and if it was up to me, Ill never have them again!  Ive had stiches taken out several times and it didnt hurt, maybe a lil pinch but nothing like that!  Anyway they put steri-strips on.  Im allowed to slowly work up my weight bearing.  He said by 4-5 weeks I should be fully weight bearing.   As for the ROM, he said "work on it but dont push it, be nice on the allograft I put in".  It looked kinda freaky to see my xrays and what my leg looks like on the inside.   I have 6 screws holding the plate on and I have another 1 or 2 screws holding the graft in.  

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