Back to sqauare one....litterally

I was doing so good even with the tendonitis.  I was fully extending and almost fully flexing my knee.  I was full weight bearing, walkign fine.  Hardly any swelling around the knee, it was still swollen on the tibia though.  Yesterday afternoon I was sitting on my butt on the floor, went to go stand up, put my left leg under me for leverage.  When I planted my right leg something popped in my knee.  I knew immediately something happend.  I stood there for about 30 secs not being able to move.  My grandmother put a chair under me and I sat down, as soon as my butt hit the chair I screamed when my leg flexed.  I sat there for a few mins trying to extend my knee and I couldnt to save my life.  (later I find out that its because I dont have an extensor mechanism in my knee witht the patella fx horizontally I cant extend it because the patellar tendon and the quad tendon is just pulling the fracture apart, theres nothing to anchor my kneecap to so it just splits). I walked albeit painfully over to the couch.  When I saw my knee I realized it swelled within a few minutes.  At first grandparents didnt think it was anything (just like you regularly pop a joint) so they went to the eye doc appt they had.  Right after they left the pain hit and I felt nausous, I thought I was going to pass out too.  I called my aunt in a panic and completely lost it.  Anyway grandparents came home and took me to the ER.  Remember even now Im thinking I just tore another ligament and grandparents still dont think anything happend.  Immagine my/our suprise when the ER doc comes in and said you have a transverse patella fx.  They called the ortho guys which I ironically had seen earlier in the day.  I kept asking are you sure, are you sure?  He said its obvious.  They looked at the xrays from that morning and they saw absolutely nothing, no occult fx, no white lines indicating healing fx, no impending fx, the cortex was pristine, nothing.  When they looked at the ER xray it was obvious, they said its like playing the game 'whats in this picutre thats not in the other one'.  Its displaced so it cant be just splinted.  Having emergency surgery Mon morning.  When the Sr resident called my surgeon he said that he just said 'shit shit shit' lol  Its not funny but you normally dont hear officers cursing.  I was just palpating around my kneecap and I thought I felt the fx, I asked him to feel and he said yeah thats it, its displaced so there is room between the two peices of bone, quit touching it lol  I wanted to puke when I had the confirmation I was feeling the fx.  Dont get me wrong, Ive dealt with fx's before with work, seen the bloodiest traumas but when its on your own body its a different story.  Anyway they put me in an immobilizer and gave me vicodin for pain for the time being.  Ill keep you guys updated the best I can.

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