3 weeks and 2 days since surgery, a vaccation in the mean time.....

Well doing good.  Im walking on my own inside the house.  I dont have that much confidence on it but its getting there.  Im still using a cane outside the house and using a scooter if I have to walk alot or its a big place were at.  Anyway went on a road vaccation from TX to AL.  It went ok, I thought it was going to be worse though to say the truth.  Pain meds kept me going just fine.  The ride back was a little too much excitement.  I had a bad case of food poisoning.  We had to stop at the local ER and they kept me for about four hours.  My blood pressure was way too high and Im was simply really dehydrated.  They gave me fluids, nausea meds and BP meds through an IV to get everything under control.  Anyway thats wahts up with me.  Not allowed to do much of anything till they release me to go to PT.  Its still going to be another week. 

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