Knee Replacement #2 Under 40 Knee replacement.

I had a good cry today.  Just came home from the OS and while I known -- Have known my left knee was very bad since 2006 the past few months have been a struggle to control the pain. My quality of life has slowly been stolen from me the last few months.   I get up and go to work.. Come home and my left knee is burning with pain all night with an intensity I have known only too well since 2005.  My last round with Supartz injections have been nothing but a painful nightmare that totally has stopped me in my tracks.  I had my right knee replaced when I was 36 and it looks like 2009 I will have my  left knee replaced.   I often find comfort knowing that this pain will be gone once the left knee is done.  I have had such a positive first implant experience with the Zimmer Gender knee. I wouldnt think twice about having my left knee done.  My right knee will be two years old  Dec 5.   Sometimes it is all a blur how my knees have fallen apart over the last few years.  I guess I will just have to keep saying to myself .. One day my knees will be great.

My OS is most positive that my implants will get me a good 30 years.

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