I am grateful for my knee problems because:

Today I kept thinking about a post on the bulletin board and I do not remember who started the thread. It started out by saying  " I am greatful for my knee problems because" and the post went on to list all these great reasons to take a step back and remember when you are dealt lemons in life to make lemonaid.

I lost my father in October 2007to Esophageal Cancer.    So I just wanted to take a moment today to say I am grateful for my knee problems because I got to spend alot of time at my folks place during my recovery periods after each knee surgery. So when my Dad passed away quickly of terminal cancer a month ago, I am finding a good spot in my heart to say that an opportunity of a lifetime happened.  I was given the gift of spending extra time with my Dad who brought me to all the Physical Therapy sessions and Aqua Therapy.  Plus I am grateful I was given the chance to use my own health are experience to help my family sort through a very stressful time.

I started to stress out the other day when I had my third Supartz injection and my OS and his office staff where there for me.  After all I been through a little needle in the knee was sending me over the edge. BTW the needle didn't hurt.  It was just the thought that I am pretty much out of pain now and each injection allows me mobility.  I had the mobility that is needed to care for someone with terminal cancer.  I was able to be there for my mom and dad when my family needed me the most to help with the last few months of of my fathers life.  

I think my mood right now is " Have you hugged your OS today?"

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