Because I can. A year later.

Thursday I had my first of five Supartz injections in my left knee. I am always so stressed out about getting injections this is my second round this year. The injection pain is pretty intense but fades away after a few hours. Far better than having a knee replacement. I had my right knee replaced Dec 2006. It is almost a year since my right knee was replaced. Come to think of it.

While waiting as a prisoner in the surgery center for my doctor to show up. The nurse asked which knee I was going to get injected. I replied the only knee I had. I get a kick out of the reactions on peoples faces when I mention my metal bits. I was given a gift last year. When someone asks why I am walking so fast and what is the rush. I just simply say.. Because I can. Life goes on. The memory of the chronic pain fades. My knee does not rule my life anymore. The worry of crossing the street fast enough has left.

Technology has changed my existence for the better. I have a wonderful doctor who thought about the quality of my life and did not hold my age against me. My core is metal bits and Rooster comb and patience that could put me up for sainthood. I did it and I will do it again.

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