TPF - Second Month

The second month after the staples came out was the most difficult, not as painful but loads more foot cramps and aches, this was a combination of over-exercise and not having the leg elevated enough. If you stay on your feet too long when NWB then your foot and kee swells (mine goes purple), do this too long and cramps are a cert which painkillers don't touch. You need to keep the foot and leg elevated above you hip and exercise but not too much, how much?, not sure I never got it exactly right and probably everyone is different.

If like me you will be having local physio but hospital is in London then you need to start organising physio before the review as in my case it was a frustrating two weeks after the second review before I saw the physio. Too long, this is common for NHS as they are too busy and everything can take up to a week. The trick is to take the lead and ask questions, if you wait for them, you wait too long and you need to understand the nature of your injury and what you can do and help recovery, if you don't ask you won't know.

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